A: On the second Thursday of every month at 1 pm, Champion Services holds a tour of our day program and a group home. We also discuss the different types of services available through the HCS Waiver Program, how you can access them, and our philosophy for delivering services.

Champion Services can also set individual appointments for those currently enrolling in the HCS Program or wishing to transfer to a new provider.

We do not have a waitlist to become a resident in one of our group homes. We encourage you to come to speak with us and let us get to know you better so that when a bed becomes available, we can find the right fit for you. 

HCS is designed to meet all levels of need for individuals. We serve everyone from those that are very independent in their ability to take care of their own needs to those that need a great deal of assistance with all activities of daily living, including those who need behavioral support. 

Yes. We have a full-time RN that provides a wide range of health services from annual health assessments, health education, Flu Vaccinations, etc.

Our nursing service provides healthcare support and triage 24/7. We also have a medical/injury protocol in the event of an emergency.

Champion Services provides home-cooked/healthy meals daily.

The Group Home staff are extensively trained on an ongoing basis by the Nurse for proper knowledge and methods of assisting our individuals with medication administration.
Yes, all individuals, no matter what residential program they choose receive nursing services.