Our Story

Denise and Jay Gasmire heard the words that parents fear when their second child, Ty, was 7 months old. Their son was born with serious, life-long disabilities from cerebral palsy and mental retardation. From that moment, everything, including being a parent, looked different.

With their world turned upside down, the Gasmires worked through their grief and accepted their new reality with the help of a support group of parents going through the same experience. Denise and Jay were able to shift their focus from trying to fix what was different about their child and concentrate on helping Ty live the best life he could live.

Denise began the task of seeking services to help Ty. The list was long. She knew they would need special equipment, physical therapy, health care and behavioral support, and social and recreational activities with children who were like him. With Denise’s diligence and dedication to the quality of her son’s life, Ty was receiving the services he needed when he was 8 years old, long before most parents with disabled children even start the lengthy process.

While she was working to get Ty the support services he needed, Denise learned everything she could about raising a special needs child, and she gathered information that empowered her. In the course of their journey, Denise and Jay began to discuss career changes for themselves. Jay was in medical equipment sales, and Denise was a landscape architect and stay-at-home mom. Through their experience in helping their son live a quality life on his own terms, the Gasmires saw first hand the need for a company to help families travel the road they had forged, and Champion Services was born.

Today, Champion Services has grown to 90 employees, all skilled professionals in working with individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  The company runs eight group homes and a successful day program.  All of Champion's home and community services meet the quality and expectation of families who also share the same challenges because Champion Services was created by parents who are conquering the same obstacles and sharing the same experiences.  Champion Services is more than a business, it's a community where those who are different belong.

Today, Ty is an adult living a quality life thanks to his parents. Numerous other special needs children and adults and their families can say the same thing, thanks to Champion Services and the Gasmires, who believe that all individuals should be able to live the lives of their dreams.